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Carnival 2023 FAQ

Carnival River

The dates of the Samba Schools Parade are: Access Group 17th and 18th of February, Special Group 19 and 20 February and March 25th Champions Parade

The Sambadrome offers four different types of tickets, namely:

Bleachers which are accessible places with great views. From the stands you will have a wide and panoramic view of the entire parade.

Chairs which are marked places. The chairs are arranged in an open-air theater, being positioned at the end of the parade.

Open Front Box They are very close to the runway! The excellent location of the friezes allows a privileged view of the parade throughout the night. They are chairs inside small enclosures. Divided into four rows, from A to D, with row A being closest to the track and row D being the furthest. Each Frisa accommodates up to 6 people, but all tickets are sold separately.

cabins offer a differentiated experience to watch the Rio de Janeiro Carnival Samba Schools Parade.
This VIP ticket has huge benefits, including a buffet with delicious food AND drinks all night long.

The competitive parade of the Rio de Janeiro Samba Schools is the greatest show on Earth. Which is divided into 5 (five) nights.
The first two nights (Friday and Saturday) you can watch the Grupo de Serie Ouro samba school parade.
The third and fourth nights (Sunday and Monday) are the magical nights, because you will attend the most traditional samba schools, those of the Special Group.
The parade of champions is the presentation of the (six) best Schools of the Special Group.

Sunday (19/02/2023)

1 - Serrano Empire
2 - Great River
3- Youth
4- United of Tijuca
5 – Willow
6- Hose

Monday (20/02/2023)
1- Paradise of Tuiuti
2- Portela
3- Vila Isabel
4- Empress
5- Hummingbird

Friday (17/02/2023)

1- Start

2- Imperial Lins 

3- General Vicar

4- Estácio de Sá 

5- United by Padra Miguel

6- Quiet

7- They are forgiving 

Saturday (18/02/2023)

1- Union of Jacarepaguá

2- United of the Bridge

3- United of Bangu

4- On Time

5- Porto da Pedra

6- Island Union 

7- Tijuca Empire

8- Innocents of Belford Roxo

Every day is amazing. But certainly the first option is to attend Carnival Sunday and Monday, which are the days when the most popular and traditional schools, which are part of the special group, perform.
The Champions Parade is also another option if you prefer to attend the six best schools of the year.
On Friday and Saturday, the schools of the Gold Series parade, vying for a place in the special group. 

Access Group Friday and Saturday of Carnivall: These two days tickets are significantly cheaper.
Although schools work on a smaller budget, the enthusiasm and beauty are the same.
The best Samba Schools will have the great privilege of participating in the Special Group next year.
Special Group Sunday and Monday
These are considered the great days of the Carnival Parade, the best 14 Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro present all their creativity and news, andThese are the true magical nights of the Sambadrome.
Champions Parade
This Parade takes place the first Saturday after Carnival. Tonight, the 6 (six) best Schools of the Special Group plus the Champion of the Access Group, repeat their performances.
This is an extraordinary night, and not the most expensive tickets, great value for money.

The assessment of the scores of the samba schools of the Grupo Especial is carried out on Ash Wednesday; the champion is declared and the last placed team is relegated to the Access Group (also called Serie A).

The six best placed return to Marquês de Sapucaí the following Saturday for the champions parade.

To choose the best Schools, the judges take into account the samba of the plot, the flag bearer couple, the drums (percussion instruments), the baianas wing, punctuality, the front commission, allegories and props. 

On our website, in Tickets – Grandstands, Frisa and Camarote, you will have photos, maps and description of each ticket that will help you in your choice.


The sectors in the middle or a little towards the end of the Avenue are excellent, from sector 5 to sector 11. Paying a little more makes a big difference when it comes to the view

 event is not suspended, it takes place regardless of weather conditions. Umbrellas are not allowed inside the stadium so as not to hamper the spectators' view. To protect yourself from the rains, we advise you to take a raincoat or buy tickets that have coverage, such as the Cabins and Frisas Cobertas.

5 years old is the minimum age to attend the Samba Schools Parade.

The arrival time depends on the ticket you choose.
The Sambadrome opens its doors at 19:00.
Numbered tickets can arrive at any time because your seat will be reserved.
If you opt for an unnumbered grandstand, it's important to arrive before 8 pm to guarantee a good spot.


Every night 6 (six) Samba Schools perform. Each performance lasts a minimum of 65 and a maximum of 75 minutes.
The total duration of the event is between 7 and 8 hours.

Yes, food and drinks are allowed. You can take up to 02 (two) 500 ml plastic containers with drinks (water, juice, soda or beer) and up to 02 (two) food items (fruit, snacks or sandwich). Styrofoam, glass bottles, aluminum cans, bags, weapons, sharp objects, fireworks and flags are prohibited.
At the sambadrome you will have the opportunity to buy food and drinks.

Completely safe. In addition to a family atmosphere, the sambadrome has private security inside and a lot of public security on the street and its surroundings.

 To get to the Sambadrome, the city government advises the public to opt for public transport. Those taking the subway should pay attention to the sector where they bought the ticket. For the even side of Sapucaí, get off at Praça Onze station. Those who go to the odd sectors or to the shows at Terreirão do Samba should stay at Central do Brasil.