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About Us

Rio Carnival for everyone

RIO-CARNIVAL.net (RCS Travel & Tourism Ltda-ME) is certified and registered (CNPJ n 10.978.253/0001-98) by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism.

Our advantages

  • Use the exclusive specialists - No other agency understands Carioca Carnival like us, as we are exclusively specialized in Rio Carnival. Benefit from our unbeatable specialists.

  • Buy from a Legalized Agency - Avoid Fraud! Do not buy tickets from scalpers or unlicensed stores. The risk of buying fake tickets is great. Buy from a specialized and legalized agency and have your rights of legal protection.

  • Contact us directly - Get rid of any intermediary. Have direct access to our service, to all the services of RIO-CARNIVAL.net and to our means of support. Negotiate directly with the most modern world of Carioca Carnival.

  • All in one page - Save time, energy and headache. Book in one place everything you need for your Carnival. Buy and manage all your orders through your Carnival Account.

  • Customer service quickly and efficiently - Use our team specializing in Carioca Carnival. We will be at your side until the end of Carnival.

  • Phone service - Get access to our services during Carnival days if you need help.

  • Spend less - Never pay more for less. Enjoy our care and at the same time save money without intermediaries. Find the best prices here.


All about Rio Carnival

RIO-CARNIVAL.net was created to promote Rio Carnival. With more than eleven years and extensive experience in carnival, our agents are specialized and work exclusively for Rio Carnival. We provide our full range of Carnival services to over 6,000 tourists per year, a number that has been growing year by year.

RCS Travel and Tourism employs specialists, trained professionals and qualified to work in this area. All staff are highly qualified and trained by the most competent and authorized institutions for vocational training in tourism. Our team has a unique objective: to work hard all year long in favor of the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, offering to you, our clients, an experience that will take a lifetime. We strive to see the Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro parades with pleasure and satisfaction.

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Carnaval Rio de Janeiro

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All done to facilitate your enjoyment. Enjoy!