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Rio-Carnival 2021

Costumes - Rio Carnaval 2021

Buy your 2021 costume for the Samba Schools Parades here.

Choose a Samba School and a costume and be part of the Rio Carnival Parade. Get ready for this great emotion! 

Acquire your costume parade to the sound of the irresistible samba of your school and keep this remarkable moment forever in your memory. If you have already paraded, we guarantee that your heart will beat as fast as the day of its debut in the Sambodrome.

Participating in the Rio de Janeiro Carnival is a unique experience that combines a wide range of emotions in one at the same time. 

Imagine being part of this wonderful spectacle of music, dance and pure joy. In this show which is broadcasted worldwide, you will be one of the stars of the cast. 

The excitement also begins in concentration, where the "warming" of the samba school as it prepares for the triumphal entrance on the avenue, where it has its peak. You can already make your reservation with us. Our website has dozens of costumes to choose from.

Buy your Costume here