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Sambodromo Tickets

Guide to 2018 Rio Sambadrome Tickets

This page provides information about Sambodromo tickets for the 2018 Rio Carnival Samba Parade. Know them well before your order.

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Sambodromo Tickets 2018

The Sambodromo can seat around 72,000 people. The demand for tickets is obviously significantly bigger than the capacity as the Samba Parade is one of the most interesting and best-known events in the world. Lots of visitors from all over the Globe arrive every year just to see and experience it at least once in life. At the same time, all Brazilians and Rio people also want to see it as often as possible. Thus you should buy your Sambodromo tickets well in advance not to get disappointed. Do not leave it to the last minute as tickets sell out and prices increase with time. Note

Sambodromo Tickets - Description

A ticket is valid for one night only and is for a specific sector and place.

Patrons have rights only to places stated on the paid order and their tickets.

Although we keep ticket orders under the Account Holder's name, the tickets are not issued with and do not bear that name. Thus the names of the actual patrons are not needed for ordering the tickets and can be ordered in anyone's name who has a Carnival Account with us.

Every Sambodromo ticket consist of two separable parts which are only valid together. One part is a card with a magnetic stripe (like a swipe card), which will be retained at the first gate into the Sambodromo. The remaining part, which you can put around your neck with the supplied string, is for the entrance to your own sector and place.

After you have checked into the Sambodromo with your magnetic card, you can come and go out of your sector as many times as you like and walk around within the Sambodromo around your sector (which include food stands) but you can enter only your own sector and the place with your seat.

At which "height" of the Avenue?

The Sambodromo is divided into Sectors, which are sections of the venue. The odd-numbered sectors are all on the one side and the even-numbered on the other. The numbers increase towards to end of the Parading Avenue.
Most sectors consist of Grandstands, Open Front Boxes and Luxury Suites. Sectors 12 and 13 have rows of allocated chairs and a place for wheelchairs. Sector 7 also have newly created special boxes - the Covered Grand Tier Boxes.

You can order tickets for most Sectors (2-13). To decide on the sector, you should consider how long you want to see the Parade from the front, at which "height" of the Parading Avenue you wish to be. Sectors in the middle or slightly towards the end of the runway are considered the best. Tickets for sectors at the far end of the Parading Avenue are much cheaper. Paying just a little bit more makes a big difference when it comes to the view and the "intensity" of the Parade.

Even numbered Sectors 2, 4, 6 and 8 have recently been constructed, boast newer facilities and allow access to a special area where live music is played on Main Parade nights.

The actual vertical height (i.e. level) from which you are going to watch the show matters a lot, too. Best to have a bit of an overview nevertheless not being too high and far away. The Luxury Suites have been designed with the intention to grant a perfect viewpoint. The Front Boxes in raws C/D and the Grand Tier Boxes also offer a good combination of an overview and closeness.

We and the venue reserve the right to provide alternative places (whether before or during the event) to those initially ordered as long as they are for the same event and have equivalent or higher face value.

In emergency or with special needs, you can agree with the Sector Coordinator to leave the Sambodromo and return later that night. People who also parade the same night can also leave, after receiving a wrist band to be able to return after their parading.


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The Sambodromo Round Transfer service is the best way to go to the Sambodromo.



For comfort and style
Go for the Covered Grand Tier boxes for cushioned lounge type seats and more space and privacy.

However, the real treat is a night in the ultimate space in the Sambodromo watching the Parade over supper in a Luxury Suite with VIP treatment.

Rio Sambodromo Tickets 2018

Stay near the drummers' niche
Every school's drummers stop and perform first in the recess before Sectors 2 and then, the second time, in front of Sector 8-10.

Buy tickets for adjacent sectors or facing them! It is an added bonus to see and hear the Drummer Groups from close - for fantastic acoustics and a particularly thrilling atmosphere.

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Sambodromo Ticket Prices

Prices depend of the night, place/seat type and the sector. You can order tickets for most sectors. All prices are per seat. Choose the currency in which you wish to see prices at the top of the page.

Children over 5 have to pay the full price.
Student and elderly concessions are only available for the Grandstands in Sector 12 and 13 (which are not available through this site).

Grandstand and Private Chair ticket prices are the face value prices decided by the Samba Parade Association.

Our other ticket prices are market driven and can go up with the increase in demand.

Space and the seat type also influence the value.
Take into consideration that you are facing most probably a long night. Spending just a little bit more makes a big difference when it comes not only to the view but your comfort-level, too.

Rio Carnival Sambodromo Tickets for the 2018 Samba School Parade

Many Sambodromo entry licenses are issued by the Samba School Association in the form of vouchers first. These vouchers have to be exchanged at a later stage closer to Carnival for the actual tickets with a magnetic card to be used at the gates.

Our unit prices of Sambodromo Grandstand and Private Chair tickets are the expected/published face value prices decided by the Samba School Association. These tickets can only be booked with that body directly under a Brazilian ID number. For these tickets we act for you as your booking/purchasing agent.

All necessary booking, administrative and custody procedures will be carried out for you, until the collection or delivery time of your desired tickets.

You can collect your final Sambodromo tickets in person at our Visitors' Reception Center during its opening hours or have them delivered for a small fee within the city of Rio.