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2015 Sambodromo Ticket Guide

This page provides information about Sambodromo tickets for the 2015 Rio Carnival Samba Parade. Know them well before your purchase:

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The Rio Carnival Parade or Samba Parade is undoubtedly the highlight of Rio Carnival, a totally unique event in the world. It is something everybody has to experience at least once in life.

The Samba Parade is however not a street style party, where people just move about as they like but rather a highly orchestrated show of vast proportions. Thus it is not free. However Sambodromo tickets are definitely worth the money. You will experience a spectacle that you certainly have never seen before. The Samba Parade is often referred to as 'the biggest show on Earth'.

Sambodromo Tickets 2015

The Sambodromo can seat around 90,000 people. The demand for tickets is obviously significantly bigger than the capacity as the Samba Parade is one of the most interesting and best-known events in the world. Lots of visitors from all over the Globe arrive every year just to see and experience it at least once in life. At the same time, all Brazilians and Rio people also want to see it as often as possible. Thus you should buy your Sambodromo tickets well in advance not to get disappointed. Do not leave it to the last minute as tickets sell out and prices increase with time.


Sambodromo Tickets - Description

A ticket is valid for one night only and is for a specific sector. You should decide for the day, seat type and sector. You can buy tickets for any of the Samba Parade nights separately. The most important nights are Carnival Sunday and Monday, which are similar in terms of set-up. 6-7 of the best samba schools (the Special Group) march on both days. Buy your tickets for the night which best fits into your schedule.

On Champion´s Saturday, the 6 best samba schools of the year parade once again. It is significantly quieter and tickets are much cheaper. To decide on the sector, please read the description of the Sambodromo.

Sambodromo tickets consist of two parts which are only valid together. One part with a magnetic stripe, will be retained at the first gate into the Sambodromo. The remaining part, which you can put around your neck with the supplied string, is for the entrance to your own sector. After you have checked into the Sambodromo with your magnetic card, you can come and go out of your sector as many times as you like and walk around within the Sambodromo but you can enter only your own sector.

In emergency or with special needs, you can agree with the Sector Coordinator to leave the Sambodromo and return later that night. People who also parade the same night can also leave, after receiving a wrist band to be able to return after their parading.


Although tickets are allocated very early by the authorities, they only issue vouchers to all agencies and applicants. These vouchers have to exchanged for the actual magnetic tickets a week before Carnival, for security reasons and to avoid fraud. Thus tickets cannot be sent out before, nevertheless they can be delivered within the city of Rio de Janeiro as soon as they come into existence. Otherwise you can pick them up in person from our Hospitality Desks in Downtown.



Sambodromo Ticket Prices

Prices depend of the night, seat type and the sector. You can buy tickets for most sectors. You should consider how long you want to see the Parade from the front. Sectors in the middle or slightly towards the end of the runway are considered the best. Paying just a little bit more makes a big difference when it comes to the view.


Children under 5 can go for free. Over 5, they pay full price.
There is no student concession.

Sambodromo & the Samba Parade

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Near the drummers' niche
Every school's drummers stop and perform first before sectors 2, and then 9 - 11 the second time. You might consider buying tickets for adjacent sectors an added bonus to see them from close, for fantastic acoustics and particularly thrilling atmosphere.

Rio Sambodromo Tickets 2015

Allocated seats on a budget
If you want to make sure that you have your seats for the whole night, go for the numbered, allocated chairs in front of sector 12 or 13. You will have your own private chair, and can come and go whenever you like without anyone else taking your seat. The chairs are located on reclining steps to assure unrestricted, good views.

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Seat Types


Low & mid-range budget
Grandstands (bleachers or arquibancadas) offer free seating (without allocated seats), on big concrete steps.
The only exception is sector 9, where seats are numbered and tickets priced higher.

In the grandstands you may choose how high you want to stay. You can also move at any time to another part or level of your sector.
Watching the Parade from a higher position will give a better idea of the school as a group and more perspective of the whole Parade.
Moving closer, you can appreciate better the costume details and the paraders' performance and samba.
Most people stand up, cheer and dance. Here, being so close to and together with thousands of Brazilians, you will really experience what Carnival actually means to them.

The price difference between the sectors reflects what the market thinks about the views from that particular section of the parading avenue. The most expensive seats are around the runway's halfway mark or just a bit towards the end. The best options are sector 4-11.



Super economic
Sector 12 and 13 have rows of chairs. These are the most affordable assigned seats and are at the very end of the parading avenue. The lines of chairs are located on reclining steps for better viewing.


These open boxes (called frisas) are right on the parading avenue in 4 rows on reclining steps. Row A is at the same level of and the closest to the samba runway. Each box has 6 numbered chairs and a coffee table.
You can buy any number of seats. We will allocate them together for the same order.

The tickets to the front boxes are acquired individually. One front box ticket equals to one seat, and not the whole box with 6 seats.


These are the Sambodromo's only covered and most coveted places. They are spread all along the samba runway at an elevated level to give the best view of the parades. They are especially decorated private suites with air conditioning, full comfort and safety. A real 1st class buffet supper menu with butler service completes it all.
You can buy any number of seats. All our suites are equally luxurious and we will assign your exact seats together for the same order, in November.

Rio Carnival Sambodromo Tickets for the 2015 Samba School Parade