Rio Carnival Costumes 2018 Português

Rio Carnival Costumes 2018

2018 Rio Carnival Samba Parade

Select your Rio Carnival costume to take part in the Samba Parade. See all available 2018 Rio Carnival costumes here.

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Costumes should be ordered ASAP, the costume producers might not accept orders as the costumes are made according to measurements provided and they have thousands of costumes to tailor-make in a very short period of time, in the few remaining weeks.
We will contact you for the costume size after your purchase for every participant.
Most costumes offered are unisex, meaning equally suitable for men and women (no matter who wears it on the photo).

Prices include the costume, participation in the Samba Parade in a specific wing of a particular samba school and all the organization. Choose the currency in which you wish to see prices at the top of the page.

You can order as many costumes as the shopping cart allows you as it is linked to our inventory.

Remember that you have to order a separate ticket to watch the Parade.

How to participate

Easy order, collection, arrival & parade