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Rio Carnival Costumes 2015

2015 Rio Carnival Samba Parade

Do not miss the chance to participate in the Rio Samba Parade and march with a samba school in the Sambodromo in a 2015 Rio Carnival costume. Choose your costume on the Samba Parade costume page.

This is the real thrill, an unparalleled experience - parading in a beautiful costume, to the heartbreaking beats of the drums and samba, on the biggest "stage" on Earth. People who "just" watch the Rio Carnival Parade find it a definite once-in-a-life-time experience. People who also take part and parade, want to do it every year.

We are pleased to inform you that preparations for the 2015 Carnival are on schedule and that costumes for the 2015 Samba Parade will go on sale in November.
Please visit this page again then.

Ground costumes will be available for all the four parades on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Rio Carnival Costumes in the Parade

Our unique, one-of-a- kind packages let you live all the emotion and excitement which confers taking part in the Parade. Imagine yourself parading with one of Rio's fabled "samba schools", singing the samba and dancing to Carnival's rhythms like a true native with thousands of people watching and cheering you on the "stage". Other millions of Brazilians will follow the schools' parades through their TV sets at home.  
It certainly will be such a high-energy event that it shall stay with you forever. The warming-up and briefing (concentracao), in which you will prepare for entering the Samba Avenue, is a great experience already in its own right. And then comes the show!

Each school has about 80 minutes to move all the way down the samba runway. Your own parading itself will last approximately 50 minutes.

Know all the essentials about 2015 Rio carnival!

We offer costumes for the main First League (Special Group) parades on Sunday and Monday. You will also find here significantly cheaper costumes for the Preliminary Parades of the Second League Schools.

To be able to participate you only have to:

  1. Buy a costume - it serves as your "ticket" to march with a school. We will have it all already arranged for you.
  2. Go to the meeting point of your school in your costume, at the right time (see your school's parading time on the side). You will not need to attend any rehearsals. You shall understand how to march just following your fellow paraders and participating in the school's warm-up before entering the Avenue.

You will be in the specific wing of your costume, belonging to a particular samba school, in support of which you will be parading. Read and learn more about Rio Samba Parade costumes and learn your samba song.

How to choose your costume

Read and learn more about Rio Samba Parade costumes and learn your samba song.

Costume from the Grande Rio Samba School

How to get there

The best and easiest way is by taxi or subway. It is fun to arrive by metro. You will see lots of fellow paraders in your costume. It safe and leaves you within walking distance from the meeting points, when all other traffic comes to a stand-still not just around the Sambodromo but in almost the whole city. Avoid taking buses.

You have to arrive about 1.5 hours before your school's parading time to prepare for the big show. You'll meet your wing's president and see where the wing will be within the school.
It is really interesting and worthwhile to move around and see the huge, richly decorated floats from so close, mingle with the celebrities, artists and models who will be on the floats, meet the older people from your school or the drummers who will be getting ready for their turns.

All samba schools meet in Avenida Presidente Vargas, which is right next to the Sambodromo at the beginning of the samba runway, near sector 1-2. You shall know your school's side in time as it will be explained in your Guides.

You will only have to find your wing. It will be straightforward, around 100 other people wearing the same costume like you. Look out for and report to your wing's president (the name and photo will be provided in your Parading Manual).

Costumes from the Grande Rio Samba School

You can take almost any place within the wing and you will soon form single lines which have to be kept during the parade. At this moment, you should try to stay next to your friends.

Try to arrive already wearing your costume. No worries, everyone will wear them on the streets, in the subway and the taxis. There are no changing rooms or any lockers there.

After the school's paraders come together, the school and the wings get prepared, undertake their finishing touches and soon the gates close behind - ready for the big moment of entering the Avenue.

If you wish, you can arrive much earlier. It is possible and also great fun to wonder, look and marvel around there.

Your president will make sure that you wear your costume right and you will quickly learn the little steps and pace how the paraders march down the samba runway.

You can have your friends around for some of the preparation time. They can take pictures and have fun with you and could later take and keep all your unnecessary belongings. They will only have to leave at a later stage, when you pass through the gates, after which no more way in or out.
Just don’t arrive late, do not miss the closing of the gates behind your school.
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Rio Carnival 2015

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The costumes

The cost of a costume to participate in the Samba Parade depend on the day you want to parade, Friday and Saturday being much cheaper than the main parades on Sunday and Monday.

2015 ground wing costumes vary from US$100 - US$700. They should be ordered before December 28th. After that date, the schools might not accept orders as they have thousands of costumes to tailor-make in a very short period of time, in the remaining few weeks.

Prices include your parading and all the organization. However, they vary according to the school's reputation, and costume details.

Remember that you have to buy a separate ticket to watch the Parade.

Where and when
to meet

All paraders meet in Avenida Presidente Vargas. You will find the exact location in the Parading Manual included in your package.

Time-table for the paraders

Feb. 10h
Feb. 11th

2015 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

You will be able to order your 2015 Rio Carnival costumes here in November.

Your Role:
How to win points
for your school

To parade the whole length of the Sambodromo's samba runway demands stamina, drive and determination to win, yes: WIN!

Each of every school's four thousand paraders have one fundamental role: Bring the best to the Sambodromo and make your school look good! Your performance will also be essential for your school’s final scores and they will count on you.

Rio Samba School

Sing the words of your samba song. The chorus of all parading members, together with a great samba music and powerful drums are what make the crowd in the stands cheer, go wild, and win points for the School. The judges will also look out for how well the school’s members know the samba song and how well they sing it.

By then, all Cariocas (Rio's enchanting citizens) will already know all the 2015 samba songs, as you can’t escape them being played all over the place, for the last 3 months before Carnival. You should be (almost) as good as they are!

Mocidade Samba School costume

Well, and do I need to know how to samba?
Samba is great but not everybody can samba and it is neither necessary nor expected.
Some even go as far as saying, better not to, since it only interrupts and holds up the school's progression.

Apart from singing and the costumes, another aspect by which a school is judged is the harmony of the parading members, i.e. the flow of the school's paraders. It is important that you make your way along the Avenue with your wing together, staying in your place, while flaunting strength, joy and vitality. You will quickly discover the special way people “jump along” the samba runway. Just try to imitate all others, look jolly and animated.

Each school has about 30 wings and each wing contains about 100 people. Every wing has its own costume which tells a part of the school's chosen theme for the year - like one individual cell in a large organism.

Each wing has a president or coordinator. He and his team will make sure that everything is in order with your costume, checking that everybody has all the items of the costume and will most importantly motivate and animate the group. Don`t loose any part of your costume! If you do, you won`t be able to participate.

During the parade, just celebrate the glory of life. Use your imagination - parading is as good as dreaming. Go for it in full - sing, dance, shake and twitch your body with all excitement and enthusiasm!

Samba School Costume

The Sambodromo's stands will be crammed with people from all over the world, just to watch you move by. You will be right there - on the biggest stage on Earth!

Each school has about 80 minutes to parade and each wing passes through the Sambodromo in about 50 minutes. It will be a bit tiring, but a great experience!

When you come to the end of the Avenue, the floats go to the right side of Apotheoses Arch (next to sector 12) and the paraders to the other (next to sector 13). Just follow the flow of people.

If your school scores among the top six, you will be able to parade once again in the Champions' Parade on Saturday, February 25th. In this case, we will contact you with the new meeting details.

Portela Samba School particpant