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Rio Carnival Costumes 2015

2015 Rio Carnival Samba Parade

Select your Rio Carnival costume to take part in the Samba Parade. See all available 2015 Rio Carnival costumes here.

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We are pleased to inform you that preparations for the 2015 Carnival are on schedule and that costumes for the 2015 Samba Parade will go on sale on this page soon.

Before placing your order, use this page to understand which Rio Carnival costume you should request. Costumes should be ordered before December 15th, 2014. After that date, the costume producers might not accept orders as the costumes are made according to measurements provided and they have thousands of costumes to tailor-make in a very short period of time, in the few remaining weeks.

We'll offer a great variety of costumes for all the four parades on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
Most Rio Carnival costumes are unisex, equally used by both men and women.

Prices include your costume, participation in the Samba Parade in a specific wing of a particular samba school and all the organization.
The cost depends on the day you want to parade, Friday and Saturday being much cheaper than the Main Parades on Sunday and Monday. They also vary according to the school's reputation and costume details.
2015 prices are around US$100 - US$700 and you will find the exact figure for each costume on the page of that costume when our costume sale opens.

Remember that you have to order a separate ticket to watch the Parade.


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