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Hotels - Rio Carnival 2015

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We are pleased to inform that preparations for the 2015 Carnival are on schedule and that hotels will go on sale here very soon.

2015 Rio Carnival Hotels Rio de Janeiro

Attn.: Hotels in Rio de Janeiro sell sell out very quickly for Carnival. Make your reservation here ASAP and at least 4 months in advance, to avoid disappointment.

For the Carnival period, all hotels in Rio de Janeiro work with a set number of nights which can only be booked together (usually 4-5 nights). See the set period on the page of the hotel in question.
Extra nights are also offered and can be booked with us also on-line, too.



Hotels in Rio for Carnival 2015

The most beloved areas to stay are Southern Rio's beaches like Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon. Many events (some of the greatest street band procession) happen in these neighborhoods.

The Center is home to the Sambodromo and Rio Scala with its balls. You will come here also for the biggest street parties such as the grandest street band processions, and more marry-making and revelry in Lapa, Cinelandia or around the Sambodromo itself.

You can stay relatively close to everything opting for Botafogo or Flamingo with their own sea front promenades. They are halfway between the Southern beaches and the city center.

You will find the exact details what is happening near you in your full Guides.

Choose from the extensive list of hotels we work with - they offer comfort and good services for guests. Most have pleasant lobbies equipped with all necessary infrastructure and good restaurants where you can taste local specialties, sip on cocktails and enjoy sumptuous meals.

Nevertheless, what you will need most is a good rest to take in even more Carnival.

Prices are per room for the Carnival period. See the cost of additional nights in your shopping cart.
See the hotel description and details on the page of the hotel in question.

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