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HOTELS - Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2015

Hotels - Rio Carnival 2015

Book your hotel in Rio de Janeiro for 2015 Carnival

Book on this page your hotel in Rio de Janeiro for 2015 Carnival. Take advantage of our promotional, reduced prices. See details on the page of the hotel in question.

We are pleased to inform you that preparations for the 2015 Carnival are on schedule and that hotels for the 2015 Carnival will go on sale very soon, in September.
Please visit this page again then.

2015 Rio Carnival Hotels Rio de Janeiro

Most of the listed hotels for Rio Carnival are located in the best areas of Rio de Janeiro. They are near the most beautiful beaches, shopping centers and major events, offering guests comfortable and singular services, besides halls equipped with all necessary infrastructure. You can sample the delights of local cuisine, among others, drinks, cocktails and appetizers. Restaurants with original and light dishes, not to mention a delicious variety of juices, made of typical fruits of Brazil.
And for leisure become even more complete, the hotel offers swimming pool, providing a panoramic view of the Marvelous City. Take some time to enjoy the sun for long!

Most of the hotels for 2015 Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, suggested on our site, are strategically located, just a short ride from the international airport and the shopping and business center of Rio de Janeiro. Perfect for you to know up close the beauty of the city. Walking along the beach, knowing part of the historic Rio… Whatever be your choice of tour, the enchantment is inevitable! Art and music are also great options.


Hotels in Rio for Carnival 2015

Hotels in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival get booked very quickly.

For the Carnival period, all hotels in Rio de Janeiro work with a set number of nights which can only be booked together (usually 4-5 nights). See the compulsory period on the page of the hotel in question. Extra nights are at your disposal, and can be booked with us on-line.

Many events happen in the vicinity of Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon and center of town.
Everything to make your stay interesting and unforgettable! Since your first day in town, you`ll be thinking about when return to Rio.

Most hotels have a privileged view, equipped with mini-bar, cable TV, air conditioning, Internet and phone. Everything for your complete satisfaction and well-being!
So close to the beach, events, and to the airport as well, they are the ideal place for those who do not want to waste time, but enjoy leisure.

Come on! Ensure your reservation now! Come and feel close to the Carioca Carnival!
Prices and special packages for the period of Carnival! Do not forget we're talking about the most popular event in the world. Usually in this period the demand for hotel rooms is much greater than the amount of available units. Take advantage of our promotional prices for the period and guarantee your place in this unforgettable party!

Prices are per room for the Carnival period. See the cost of additional nights in your shopping cart.

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