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First decide on the day, sector and type of ticket (whether you want to stay in the stands, in a Frisa, in a Cabin or in an Individual Chair).

The best and most important parades are on Sunday and Monday. The 12 best Samba Schools parade on these days, being divided into two groups of six schools each. Monday is a good option, as this year the champion samba school of 2023 parades on Monday. Or simply choose your school day by heart or the one that best fits your program. The Champions parade is also another option if you prefer to watch the six best schools of the year. However, these parades are a little less exciting and the atmosphere is less heated, as there is nothing left to compete in, only something to celebrate. The third option is the Golden Series Group Parades (Friday and Saturday are similar in terms of the quality of the schools). Choose these days if you are unable to attend the Special Group School Parades (Carnival Sunday and Monday).

Different schools parade on both days. So the show is different. Both are similar in terms of quality.

Tickets for Individual Chairs are donated to the Golden Series Samba Schools to distribute in their communities. Brazilians generally prefer to attend the Grupo Especial Samba School Parades (on Sunday and Monday).

Sector 1 grandstand tickets are donated so that the Samba Schools can distribute them in their communities. and cannot be marketed.

Sectors in the middle or a little towards the end of the Avenue are excellent, from Sector 6 to Sector 11. Paying a little more makes a big difference when it comes to the view. Sector 8 and 9, 10 and 11 are probably the best, due to the fact that most of the judges are in this area of Sapucaí, so all the schools' requirements seek to evolve in this area. In addition to this fact, in sector 8 you will also be facing the battery retreat, which is a privileged place. From there you will watch the batteries enter the retreat letting the whole school pass, providing an atmosphere not to be missed. All this right in front of your eyes.

Even sectors 2, 4, 6 and 8 are newly built, have newer facilities and offer access to an area where you can hear samba dancers and pagodeiros playing throughout the night. In addition, they offer the same view as the opposite sectors, the odd ones.

Although this sector is numbered, and popularly known as the “Tourist Sector”, feel free to book any available ticket. If you want to experience the human warmth of Cariocas, all other sectors are very lively, as Cariocas and Brazilians cheer a lot and love Carnival.

The bleachers of sector 9, the Frisas of all sectors and the Individual Chairs of sectors 12 and 13 are numbered. All other stands offer “free” seats with no assigned seats, applying the first-come, first-served principle. The exact location of the numbered seats reserved with us will be informed upon delivery, thus allowing us to make every effort to ensure that groups have their seats together.

Be careful with sectors 12 and 13 as they are at the end of the Avenue. Try to go to sectors 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 if you can, because from this part of the Sambadrome you will have a significantly better view of all the school wings and their evolution.

Choose the Frisas or Sector 9 Bleachers if you prefer to spend less. The Special Frisas offer more comfort and style than the Frisas or choose the Cabins if you like elegance and VIP treatment. Reserve a place in the Individual Chairs in sectors 12 or 13 only if you are not available, to avoid disappointment – they are located right at the end of the Avenue and many customers who go there complain about the view. If you want your numbered seats to be together with the numbered seats of another order (for example, from another client of ours), ask us, using a message sent from your Carnival Account, informing the order number you want stay together. (up to six places in the case of Frisas). In order to optimize requests and ensure that group requests receive continuous seats, numbered seats will be allocated only moments before ticket pick-up.
After its reconstruction, only the stands of sectors 12-13 have restricted visibility, due to the fact that they are located at the very end of the Avenue and are more affected by the Parades where the stands of the other sectors restrict the view. Be careful when choosing the Individual Chairs in sectors 12 and 13 as they are located at the end of the Parades, where there are no more judges of the Parade's quality. The numbers and rows of the Individual Chairs are random and informed only on the day of ticket collection.

It is the tickets for the Special Frisas of Sector 7 that are covered, providing a panoramic view differentiated by being in the highest level of the friezes, row D. The other friezes are also excellent. Consider rows C or D, both offering a good view as they are on a higher level, with rows A or B being closer to the parade ground.             

Try going to Sectors 2, 3, 10 or 11. Book Numbered Chairs in Sectors 12 or 13 only if you cannot book better seats. Avoid disappointments.

All tickets still available are on our dedicated ticket page.



See prices on our dedicated ticket page. This page is always updated. Our administration fee will be added to your shopping cart.


Children under 5 years old are not admitted to the Sambadrome. Children over 5 years old pay full price and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Students and seniors pay only half entry in the stands of sectors 12 and 13 (we do not reserve these sectors).

Although we hold ticket orders under the Account Holder's name, names are not printed on tickets. Therefore, usernames are not required for booking tickets. which can be booked on behalf of anyone with a Carnaval Account. However, for the collection of tickets by third parties, documentation will be required, together with the Authorization Form and third party documentation (original and copy). The Authorization Form must be requested at [email protected]

Right after completing your order, you will see it on your Carnival Account page, which is always kept up to date and shows the status of your payment.
Some security checks and card authentication may be done first. Please wait for our written confirmation email of your attempted payment to be sent to avoid duplicate purchases, which can take weeks to correct and refund.
When payment is made and authorized by the payment processing company, you will receive our confirmation email with all the order details. The status of your order in your Carnival Account will also show that payment has been received.
We will carry out all necessary procedures to reserve, exchange and safely store vouchers and tickets for you until the actual tickets are delivered.

To get a refund for any item, you will have to initiate the cancellation in a message, providing the order number, name and quantity of the items you wish to cancel. To change an item you will have to cancel it first and then you can order and pay for the new item.
All our products are refundable and can be canceled up to December 15, 2023. Online purchases made from December 16, 2023 reserve the right to cancel up to seven days after confirmation of purchase, service fee being retained . After this period, purchases cannot be cancelled. 
For all the above cases, the administration fee will be withheld, only the product values are refundable.

We will credit the refund to the credit/debit card used after our payment processing company has processed your cancellation request, which may take a few weeks and is beyond our control.
In case of cancellation or postponement of the event, the administration fee will not be refunded or you will be able to keep your tickets for the 2024 event.

You or a representative can pick up tickets at our Call Center at Rua Barata Ribeiro, 489 in Copacabana, from February 9th to February 12th and February 17th, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Or receive them in the city of Rio de Janeiro (Center and South Zone only), as long as a delivery fee is paid.

We only deliver your items in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in the neighborhoods of Zona Sul and Centro. And we do not ship tickets or any vouchers outside the city of Rio de Janeiro. You can choose whether you want to pick them up at our Customer Service Center (Rua Barata Ribeiro, 489 in Copacabana) during Carnival or have your tickets delivered to your address in the city of Rio de Janeiro, by contracting the Delivery service.

The customer must request the Delivery service and include the address in the field specified at the time of purchase. If you want to purchase the service after purchasing the tickets, please contact us via email [email protected] so that we can check the possibility of including it.

Yes, however, the delivery service is not valid for the purchase of costumes. See the value in your shopping cart.

Yes. You can request that your tickets be given to someone else. In the case of delivery to hotels, the buyer must be present to receive them. In case of withdrawal by a third party, the third party must present the requested documentation together with the Authorization Form and a copy of the third party's identification document. The Authorization Form must be requested by email to [email protected]

The parades of the Special Group Samba Schools start at 9 pm. See the order of the 2024 Parades.