Tropical Folia Cabin

Folia Tropical was the first large box to be opened to the general public. For over 10 years on the avenue, we have been delivering unforgettable experiences to our partygoers. The biggest party in Sapucaí is here!







For those of you who are passionate about the parades, we have a privileged view in the frisa lounge – right on the avenue, the feeling is of being inside the parade – and a panoramic view on the second floor for those who like to follow all the details.





We are located in sector 6, the heart of the samba catwalk. The judges' booth is right next to our lounge, he says, making the show happen

all here.




Have you ever thought about enjoying an exclusive show by the artist you admire so much? During every day of Folia, we bring big names in Brazilian popular music to shows with fantastic interaction with revelers. Great artists of our music have already passed through here and we are very proud of this stage: Jorge Ben Jor, Alceu Valença, É o Tchan!, Novos Baianos, Daniela Mercury, Zeca Pagodinho, Alcione, Nando Reis, Paralamas do Sucesso, Maria Rita, Elba Ramalho, Diogo Nogueira, Arlindo Cruz, Martinho da Vila, Mart'nália, Péricles, Xande de Pilares, Jorge Aragão, Molejo, Luedji Luna, Alexandre Pires, and our late Beth Carvalho, Nelson Sargento and Gal Costa.




The service at Folia Tropical is all inclusive. Our buffet has stations distributed across all levels of the cabin. We highlight the vegetarian and vegan options, the breakfast service and the gourmet space with a privileged view of the samba catwalk.




With distribution stations on all levels of the cabin and in the Frisa lounge, we have an open bar that caters to all tastes. We guarantee that your glass will not be empty at any time.







We have spaces for you to recharge your energy!


In the Zen space, you can have relaxing massages to return to the festivities with full energy.


Partnership with Spa do Pé and Granado.





To get to the avenue safely and comfortably, we have transfers leaving from Clube Monte Virgínia, in Leblon, South Zone and the Hotel Windsor Oceânico, in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone.




The Folia Tropical experience begins even before arriving at the box, at registration. To make the process quick and agile, a withdrawal scheme is set up according to ticket days. All of this is done in a space with good music and drinks. Accreditation takes place at the Monte Libano Club.




Folia Tropical has a complete accessibility structure. In addition to the elevators that provide access to the three levels, we have reserved spaces with views of the samba catwalk, entrance doors and bathrooms adapted for people with disabilities. In 2023, we were the first box in Sapucaí to have sign language interpreters during all the Dshows on the program.