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Acadêmicos do Sossego

Beija Flor Samba School flag

''Não se meta com minha fé, acredito em quem quiser'' (Don't mess with my faith, I believe in who I want to)

2021 Themed Samba

Authors: Ademir Ribeiro / Diego Tavares / Fábio Borges / Felipe Filosofo / Gilma L. Silva / Mario Da Vila Progresso / Michel Do Alto / Orlando Ambrosio / Serginho Rocco / Sérgio Joca / W. Motta
SingerGuto e Juliana Pagung[

Samba Lyricsa

O céu aberto ao som da lira
Orações, linda alvorada
Meu nome Jesus, por que não Santo também?
Bom Deus, por que o ódio no planeta azul?
Se crentes ou ateus no sangue a mesma cor
Na mesquita, no templo, no terreiro
O mesmo sentimento de aliança
A morte em teu nome uma contradição
A morte em teu nome uma contradição

Anjo, no tribunal da fé
Só ganância e poder
Eis aí o livre arbítrio
De pessoas sem ternura
Na escolha entre o bem e o mal
Santo Deus, a justiça da terra ou do céu?
No cálice da fé a intolerância
O vinho tinto amargo de sangue
Qual o caminho, meu pai?

Filho milagreiro, solidário ao irmão
Santo popular, Jesus Malverde
Teu nome hoje em romaria
A esperança de um mundo melhor

Ó meu Deus, piedade de nós
Ó meu Deus, piedade de nós
Com seu amor azul-sossego
A paz entre as religiões


2021 Parade

2021 Themed Samba

  • Carnival Commission: Leandro Valente
  • Carnival Director: Almir Jhunior e Tom Santos
  • Harmony Director:- Comissão
  • Singer: Guto e Juliana Pagung
  • Drums DirectorLaion Arc
  • Drummers' QueenDany Storino
  • EscortMarcinho Souza
  • Flag-BearerThayanne Loureiro
  • Vanguard CommissionVinícius Rodrigues
  • 2021 Parade7° escola a desfilar na sexta feira (01/03/2019) / 02:30 - 03:30

''Não se meta com minha fé, acredito em quem quiser'' (Don't mess with my faith, I believe in who I want to)


My opinion is not better than yours.

Your God is not better than mine, deal with it!

We sail in the same boat, we all live on Earth itself

and we all go underneath it.

Did you know you have a miracle that does not fit your thinking?

Jesus Malverde, who took advantage of the riches to give food to the poor.

He lived in Mexico and there he stole, what's the problem? Is it hard to accept?

Believe me, for the humble people, his worship is the biggest

Every year in pilgrimage, the millennium to seek him call him stronger saint, and elevate him to the status of Holy Death.

It was Jesus Malverde who made my school think how much hypocrisy is

Who wants to pray?

but that they forget that judging is sin.

It's not true that whoever you want

If it is from Oxala or Yahweh, what matters is my attitude.

If I seek a war or if I seek peace. I can be a pure Allah believer

Or mix all beliefs in a budalorixá

It does not matter if I read Tarot or I pray in the Kabbalah.

If you are cardecist, Jewish, evangelical or from an african-american religion.

That does not mean that I'm a wimp and also doesn't allow you to

destroy my shrine. Intolerance is a crime, dude.

It's not true that whoever you want

Faith is not science. It does not fit your reason. Is the heart of the heart always goes further, does not catch.

So respect what you know The way of life, who knows, who has notion?

If your goal is Nirvana, accept other forms of evolution. There are so many other saints who were like ordinary people who cry, hurt and grudges who thought they would never find the light. But Christ forgave a thief nailed to the cross. And if we can be blessed on the eve of the defeat of luck, who can say we cannot be miracle workers after death? The media is one of the greatest contradictions of mankind. It is killing in the name of God by putting an end to freedom. Millions have already been around and so disastrous and disastrous. It is not with the same intention that you are making a beliefs or attitudes. What matters is that blood has the same color as mine. If it is wrong, it does not matter anymore. Forgiveness restores us the same. And forgiveness is not a religion thing. Our great pro-medicine drive is fighting evil. Whether there is paradise or not, find happiness in or after this life. For us or who comes after her. With the example of Jesus Malverde, from now on I will sing. No matter what you've done ...

 Let's love each other!

  • 2016Champion
  • 2009Champion
  • 2008Champion
  • 2001                                 Vice-Champion


  • Foundation: 10 de novembro de 1969
  • Colors: Azul e Branco
  • PresidentWallace Palhares
  • Honorary:-
  • Samba Hall:  Estr. Gen. Castro Guimarães, 730 - Largo da Batalha, Niterói - RJ, 24310-000
  • Rehearsals:-
  • Barracks:-
  • Website:  Estr. Gen. Castro Guimarães, 730 - Largo da Batalha, Niterói - RJ, 24310-000
  • Press:-

Acadêmicos do Sossego's history

The samba school was founded on November 10, 1969 by Odir de Oliveira Costa and César de Melo Loureiro, with the colors were green and red, parading the following year as a carnival block, with a plot about Ari Barroso. Still in 1970, it adopted the red and yellow colors, and in the year of 1978, changed again its official colors to the present blue and white. In that year, it was champion between the blocks of Niterói.
After being champion of Carnival of 1981, it ascended to the main division of the Carnival, where it was able to dispute against the two great schools of the municipality, Acadêmicos of the Cubango and Unidos do Viradouro, later relegated again to the second group in 1983, when, after parading with other nine schools, won the eighth place, tied with the Combinado do Amor, and after a draw, Sossego lost the place in Group I.

In 1984, it has paraded in Group II with 5 other schools, gaining a new victory and a new ascent. In the calculation of the 1985 parade, it was ahead of Cubango and Viradouro, losing the title to Hearts United and the Union of the Island of Conception , tied for first place. A curious fact is that in this year's survey, a councilor tore part of the counting map containing one of the Sossego's notes, which resulted in the repetition of the previous score, which is why it was in 2nd place. The elder say that if this did not happen, Sossego would win the carnival of the year.

From 1986 to 1988, already with the two largest schools in the city out of the competition, once they started to participate in the Rio Carnival, Sossego established a hegemony in the city, obtaining the tri-championship. In 1989, due to internal conflicts, the association did not parade, which would lead to its subsequent relegation to 1990. However, Mr. Beirute, president of the Association of Samba Schools of the Cities of Niterói and São Gonçalo, didn't allow the association to be lowered. When parading with the plot "Beijo te beija", the Sossego conquered its tetra championship. After the carnival of 1992 the entity would be extinguished and its headquarters sold, when Almir Augusto Monteiro, Luiz Besouchet and João Preá did not allow and recovered the association.

In the following year, the new directors present a beautiful parade, of the carnival designer Gil Gouvea, with the plot "Treaty of love", reaching the 2nd place. In 1994, the carnival designer Newton Galhano is hired and presents the plot "Only goes to the Bonfim who has" bringing to the parade of Amaral Peixoto Street two great personalities of the locality: Lizete, the oldest baiana of the school, who did not parade since 1990 due to health issues; and a great personality of Academicians of the Cubango, mother Luizinha. In that year, the Sossego obtained the vice-championship, with the plot "Leave our forests always green", and also won the trophy of best wing of Bahia, commanded by Arlete Matias and best commission from the front.

The president, not conformed to the subsequent defeats, decides to abandon the Rio Carnival and following in the footsteps of Cubango and Viradouro, joins the Association of Samba Schools of the City of Rio de Janeiro. The following year, the Carnival of Niterói would be extinct, returning only in the following decade. Thus, Sossego debuts in the Carioca carnival with the plot "And the cinema turned samba, there is popcorn in the air", which gave the school the vice-championship of group "E". In the following year conquered its first championship carioca by group D, with the plot "Look at the bird, a family album".

In 1998, with the carnival Max Lopes and the rookie Cahê Rodrigues, he obtained the third place in the group and the right of access to the group B, already in Marquês de Sapucaí. After the carnival, the then president and his board leave the association and João Carlos Paes takes over the presidency. For two more years the club remained in the Sambódromo, returned to group C in 2001, when it obtains a new vice-championship, and returns to Group B, in Sapucaí. From 2002 to 2005 the club was twice relegated, returning to group D, the fifth division of the Rio Carnival.

After 2006, Sossego was directed by Almir Alves da Silva (Mica), along with councilors Djalma da Conceição and Almir Augusto Monteiro, both former presidents, who brought back the now celebrated carnival designer Cahê Rodrigues.

In 2008, already under the direction of José Adriano Valle da Costa, Sossego was the champion of access group D.

In 2009, the band honored their city, Niterói, with the plot "Smile, You Are In A City With Much Smile, Sweat and Sossego", winning the title of the fourth division - that year called the RJ-2 Group, returning to Samba Avenue.

In 2010, it honored the city of Niteroi once again. The following year, the school presented the plot of His Majesty, the Sun King, that approached the solar star as the theme of its carnival. In that year, Dinho (formerly Cubango), became the new drums' director of the school, that had Camila Macedo as Drum Queen. Due to a burst of time and problems in the evolution, Sossego ended down again, returning to the parade of Intendente Magalhães Street.

In 2015, the school lost its president Luiz Gustavo, who passed away at age 39 on Friday, after Carnival. In the parade, it has finished in 9th place. In 2016, with a tribute to the centenary of the poet Manoel de Barros, the school becomes champion of the B series, and returns to Sapucaí after 4 years parading in the Intendente Magalhães, being its debut in the Series A. For 2017, announced the hiring of the singer Leandro Santos, coming from Tuiuti, and the carnival designer Márcio Puluker, who developed the plot paying a tribute to the actress Zezé Motta. And to tell the story of the actress, the blue and white took to the avenue a plot in dialogue format, an unprecedented resource in the carnival. With a competent presentation, the school obtained a quiet stay in the Series A, obtaining the 11th place.

Aiming at the carnival of 2018, Sossego promotes changes in some departments, hiring the carnival Petterson Alves, who will develop the plot "Ritualis". For the sound car, he hired the experienced Nêgo, who returns to Sapucaí after his last visit to the Empress in 2015. As a way of containing expenses, the school chose to order his samba-plot for the partnership led by Felipe Filósofo, winner in the school in the last two carnivals.