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Saravá, Umbanda!

2022 Themed Samba

AuthorsMárcio André, Neizinho do Cavaco, Lopita 77, Ribeirinho, Elson Ramires, Beto Rocha, Telmo Augusto, Fábio Xavier, China, Girão e Samir Trindade 
Singer: Igor Vianna 

Samba Lyrics

Peço licença a Deus pai e Maria
Todos os santos e guias
Ao pisar no sagrado canzuá
Vejo o braseiro, iluminar o congá
Preto Véio chegou na roda
Vem de Aruanda, Pemba de Angola

Vovô falou da força das sete linhas
Também contou de mistérios e magias
Ê cabloco curandeiro, Ê caboclo
Laroyê rei da madrugada
Prepara o abô, marabô, na encruzilhada

Roda cigana, moça formosa
É tão bonita que parece uma rosa
Vem chegando a Ibeijada
O amanhã nos olhos da criançada
Água de lavar, benzer , purificar
Marinheiro, marinheiro Iemanjá
Seguindo pelas bandas, com muita fé
Nessa quimbanda, axé
Abre caminhos, samborê, sambo ro ko
Somos irmãos, Umbanda é amor
Olha gira girô, olha gira girar
Canta pra subir, vamos saudar

Saravá, Alegria Saravá
Saravá meu povo
Saravá pai Oxalá

Desfile 2022

2022 Themed Samba

  • Carnival CommissionMarco Antonio Falleiros
  • Carnival Director: Leandro Germano
  • Harmony DirectorGreg Tavares
  • Singer: Igor Vianna
  • Drums Director:: Mestre Claudinho Tuiuti
  • Drummers' Queen: Anny Santos
  • Escort: Diego Machado
  • Flag-BearerAlessandra Chagas
  • Vanguard Commission: Leandro Azevedo
  • 2022 Parade
  • Parading Position: 2° escola a desfilar na sexta feira (01/03/2022) / 22:45 - 22:55

Saravá, Umbanda!


"When I entered the house, I praised Mary

Holy name of Jesus, I praised the light of day ... "

I was still a little boy the first time I was taken to a Umbanda house by my parents. I had an infinite soul of purity, but I already knew that many people did not understand that religion. Not that, as a child, I knew right about everything that would happen, but, my curiosity about what I would find led me to that place.

When I entered that sacred space, the sound of drums and the smell of herbs burning in the small brazier caught my attention. There were people in white clothes and a few candles burning on the great illuminated altar. Palms echoed firmly at the sound of a small bell that seemed to ring a call in the distance.

Near that altar stood a lord and a lady seated, each on his old stump. He, with his old straw hat under his head, was bent over by a wooden cane and a pipe that let out a white smoke. She, with a white handkerchief that covered her hair - would take a piece of coffee served in a gourd.

"The smoke from the pipe, smoked congá

And the rosary of Mary, cleared congá!

Oh, it's clear! Oh, it's clear!

It cleared, your congá, cleared!"

With the half-tousled speech, unlike any person who was there, that gentleman called me:

"Come, my son!" 'This old black man has a story to tell. That's what you came for, right? "

I felt something different, did not know if it was fear or insecurity to participate in that moment. There was no way to refuse. As soon as I did, I repeated the ritual that everyone did as they approached. I sat down on a bench in front of him, and said,

- Bless you!

Then he kindly replied:

- God bless you, son! I'm just Father Benedito who came from Aruanda. This is Maria Conga, always with me. Aruanda, my son, is a land of peace, where all the people who work in the Umbanda field live. They will get into this band to work and help tell the story. 

 The humility of those people with the friendly countenance brought me great tranquility. In their life stories, they said they lived in the cruel time of captivity. His struggle to resist was intense without forgetting his black brothers. Their unshakeable faith has always been the foundation that led them to liberation. And Grandpa completed:

- "And today we work with the help of the 7 lines of Umbanda, is where we find the strength. They and our other spiritual brothers send the light of God to the world. They clear our steps so that you don't remain helpless."

"In the time of the captivity, when my master beat me

I screamed for Our Lady, oh my God!

How the blow hurt ... "

Outsiders kept coming in and filling the empty seats. Other workers were arriving to introduce themselves. To the sound of the drums, they all echoed:

"Caboclo is, I know Caboclo is the light of the bush, is ..."

It was then that I could hear countless cries that looked like indigenous people in the woods and oxen of the hinterland. My body shivered as that humble lord welcomed the arrival of other spiritual companions. Everyone had a serious face, they did not seem to enjoy joking. Quickly appeared colored feather headdresses and leather hats. Then the sage said to me,

- "My son, Umbanda has mystery. The people who came here work in the woods, in the meadows and with the leafs. Make smoking, drinking, bathing and praying!"

That old black man quickly explained to me that it was the caboclos who arrived in the house. They brought with them the mysteries of the leaves and seeds. They were healers, mandingueiros, masters of valorous wisdom.

"The herbs of Jurema heal,

The herbs of Jurema heal,

Who is Jurema's son is never lost in the woods "

The drums continued to resonate loudly, the body of those people seemed to fall asleep once more. Then one, two, several laughter. Larôye! The terreiro greeted the arrival of Tranca Rua and other entities. It was there, that old black woman introduced them:

"Our ladies and gentlemen are sentinels. It is a working people who take care of the gates and the ways. It is they who work to defend the Umbanda house and all those who are here."

The simple, honest talk of that woman caught my attention. I understood at that moment that Exu and Pombagira are demonized by those who do not know them. These spirits are workers who take care of the ways so that the light of Aruanda and the messengers can reach the earth!

Oh, laroyê!

Exu swore to Ogum

He would never betray God

Exu this house is from God, Exu!

Exu does not turn his word back "

After some time of that work, the Umbanda house seemed to prepare to welcome other entities. A different scent hung in the air, they seemed incense, an atmosphere of magic took up space. And to that lovely counselor, he said:

- Son! Those spirits that have come, come from afar. They come from the east, a bright star guides them. They know a lot about love and magic.

Optcha! Up! They greeted everyone welcoming the arrival of the Gypsies and Turks. Scarves, tambourines and colored ribbons adorned the bodies of those who were incorporated. They did spells with daggers and coins. They played cards, talked about luck through the stars. With flowers and perfumes they talked about love. The songs welcomed:

"Who in this world has never heard of it?

Who in this world has never heard of it?

About a gypsy, who lives on that road,

She has her abode under the glare of the moon ... "

Other entities were arriving in the Umbanda house, who carried with them an air of malice. They seemed passionate bohemians, all with their hats tilted lightly under their heads. The girls remembered women with a unique charm and great refining, reminded of old ladies of the night. Then Grandma says to me:

- Son, save the streets! There is the place of this people who likes cardboard games and has a lot of passion in their workers to help everyone. Is it love, son? Malandro solves it.

"If the radio patrol came here now 

It would be a great victory, no one could run

Now that I want to see 

Who is trickster can not run "

The great helper of these labors was a saint I had only seen on a church altar. In the syncretic power of Umbanda, Santo Antônio de Batalha interceded for all the requests made. And these entities all seemed to also work in a sort of spiritual rescue, with the presence and forces of God to draw other spirits whom they called "brothers" and would be lost in inferior dimensions.

"Santo Antônio de Batalha

Make me a fighter

Run Santo Antonio

Tranca Rua and Marabô ... "

Just like that, my eyes glittered as I admired that union of people and entities. It was sublime to see the arrival of messengers from all the spiritual planes, each of their "band," as they put it. So I understood that that liturgy was nothing more than the meeting of all bands! So, Umbanda! (One Band). And the old black, quickly tells me:

- That! 'You understood, my son. Umbanda is open heart, Umbanda is charity. Umbanda is to help those who need it, in this and in the other plans 

"Reflected the divine light, with all its splendor,

It is from the kingdom of Oxalá, where there is peace and love

Light that reflected on the earth, light that reflected in the sea,

Light that came from Aruanda, to enlighten us ... "

It was magical to understand how that moment transcended material, and for more than a century that religious liturgy had made the connection between this tangible world and others we could not see. That's when Grandpa revealed to me:

- "Hail, my son, to the caboclo of the 7 crossroads! It was he who allowed us here to help you and all people.

In that new teaching, I learned about the formation of Umbanda. It was the Caboclo of the 7 Crossroads that opened the doors of the Spiritist Tent Our Lady of Mercy - through the mediumship of Zélio Fernandino de Moraes - to welcome all the spirits who sought to assist living beings and reach their evolution in other planes. Happy, Grandpa completed:

- And in this band, son, there's a child like you who comes to work too. It makes a mess and a mess, but it works! There is, son, the people of the great waters of the mermaid mother. Sailor and the waves that come to wash away all impurities of body and soul.

"The sea waves that are breaking

Son of pemba, please send it away

Remove the spell, remove the evil

remove the envy and the evil eye."

So I had no more doubts, that moment of faith told me good ways to go. Purified body and soul bathed in a radiant light. My hands even walked with the palms of those people. It was then that one of my companions in this walk, said:

- My son, it's time to turn! Old Benedict and old Conga do not tire of this house, but, what should be done, God lit up and now lives in your heart. Umbanda is that. Peace and love. A world full of light. 

I no longer wanted to hide the emotion for that moment, and of course, I did not want to have to say goodbye to my guides that night. So I took the blessing as many others did, and they were singing their goodbye, they told me together:

- God bless, my son. Stay in peace!

"The bell of the sky struck,

I hope it's time!

I'm going, I'm going, I'm going!

Stay with God and Our Lady "

My seniors left, promising to return. These people seemed to wake up from a deep sleep. His guides returned to Aruanda. From there they will remain vigilant of all of us until their presence in this world is again necessary.

At this sacred moment, actually, I am a child who understood the importance that Umbanda has. To see that the Brazil in which we live is this, the meeting of all the bands! It's blending, it's belief, it's an infinity of faith with a place for all. All, brothers!

Now I make myself the portrait of these people of faith, wanting only to see their belief, their Umbanda houses and their spiritual mentors respected. Seeking to bring social work to the needy in every corner of the world. I dream of seeing mankind undress their prejudices, reaching out to celebrate charity as a communion of faith. Let hearts pulse radiating goodness to overcome all the barriers raised against those who do not understand the Umbanda. May the children of faith not lose weight in the fight!

Today, I will tell and sing under the protection of the pavilion embodied in the struggle and sweat of a people who never tire of believing in tolerance and love. Embroidered with father's charity and peace flag white larger.

I share my learning with the Joy of the South Zone, and humbly, let us together fulfill the sacred mission:

Saravá, Umbanda!

"[....] Leading the whole world

The Flag of Oxalá! "

  • 2012Champion
  • 2010Champion
  • 2003Champion
  • 2001Champion


  • Foundation: 28 de julho de 1992
  • Colors: Vermelho e branco 
  • President: Marcus Vinícius de Almeida
  • Honorary: Sabrina Garcia
  • Samba Hall:  R. Frei Caneca, 211-233 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20221-000
  • Rehearsals:-
  • Barracks: Via Binário do Porto, 250 - Santo Cristo, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20220-410
  • Website: www.gresalegriadazonasul.com.br
  • Press:-

Alegria da Zona Sul's history

The samba school was created on July 28, 1992 through the merger of the Alegria de Copacabana and Unidos do Cantagalo. The school adopted the colors blue, green and white and had as a symbol the characters of Walt Disney: Zé Carioca and Panchito.

In 1993, in his first year at AESCRJ, Alegria was able to stay in group E, presenting the plot "I'm the most Carioca", which portrayed the 100 years of its neighborhood, the 50 years of the character Zé Carioca and the first anniversary of the association .

In the following year, already consolidated, Alegria da Zona Sul achieved its first championship, with the plot "In the Dance of Colors: Black It Is not Color, Black is Ethnicity", presenting in its parade a collection of the meanings of the colors and praising the black ethnicity.

In 1995, although with strength of a recent title, and in group D, Alegria did not parade. The following year, 1996, penalized by the Association, again played Group E, getting again the title, with the plot "What a Beautiful Graceful Thing", telling the story and celebrating the centenary of the Ipanema neighborhood.

In 1997, after new disturbances, the school was close to don't parade. Its plot was "Capoeira, A Brazilian Ballet", telling the origin of the fight / dance. In spite of the problems, it obtained a good presentation, that yielded the vice-championship and the access to the group to the school.

In 1998, ela obtained the seventh place with the plot "Black Woman is World Culture", praising the importance and strength of the black woman from the beginnings of humanity, remaining in the same group.

In 1999, Alegria presented herself with the plot "Alegria, Your Zodiac Sign", on Rio Branco Avenue, presenting the signs and placing the school as the sign of euphoria. It got the penultimate place, and went down to Group D.

In 2000, Alegria wins and rises again for group C with the plot "Negro Quem És?".

In 2001, with the plot "Brazil a Country of All Races", showing the ethnic groups that were in Brazil even before the discovery of the Portuguese and the miscellany that the Brazilian people represents, Alegria da Zona Sul was the champion on Avenida Rio Branco , qualifying for the parade in group B in the Marquês de Sapucaí.

In 2002, Alegria was the second school to parade on Tuesday, obtaining the 6th place with the plot "The Golden Dream of Percy", showing the saga of the English colonel Percy Fawcett, disappeared in the interior of the Brazilian hinterland when searching the entrance to the Eldorado.

In 2003, the school presented the theme "Quilombo at Party: Coronation of a Black King", the school presented, in a dream of a reveler, how would have been the coronation of Ganga Zumba, the first king of Palmares, when we honored the enthroned with Afro-Brazilian dances, which resulted in the ascension to group A.

In 2004, the band presented the plot "Dorival Caymmi, the Sea and Time in the Sands of Copacabana" on the avenue of the parades, where they took advantage of the fact that it was the neighborhood that the singer and composer Dorival Caymmi chose to live and to complete his 90 years old.

Restructured, Alegria changed its colors in 2005 to red, white and gold. The School brought as interpreter Pixulé, coming from the Lion of Iguaçu; the director of Harmonia Sassá and the director of battery Folia. The school presented the plot Rival Theater - 70 years of cultural resistance and obtained its best placement since its creation: fifth placed of the second division.

In 2006, the first school to parade on Saturday night, presented the plot "Joy has the ball", which had the ball as the theme. With unfinished cars, the latter could not cross the catwalk during the parade, the school ended in the last position, being demoted. That year, he had the reinforcement of the master-room couple and flag-bearer Maria Helena and Chiquinho, dismissed from the Empress.

In 2007, brought back Pixulé and continued with Maria Helena and Chiquinho, but with the plot Black does not humiliate and neither humbles to anyone. All races were already slaves also finished in 7th place.

In 2008, talking about Albino Pinheiro, Joy finished in 5th place. The following year, the school brought as a plot Heitor dos Prazeres, Carioca da Gemma, a sambista at heart, ranking 10th with 237.6 points, remaining in the same group.

For 2010 the school brought the carnival designer Lane Santana, who developed the plot In the fantasy world ... I see the colors of Joy. In addition, he brought the master Claudinho Tuiuti to do a double with Master Tobacco and had as a Drums' Queen, former queen of the carnival 2009 Jéssica Maia, having made a parade considered by critics as a high level, it became champion of the Rio Group of January 1 (former Group B) and returned to Access Group A in 2011.

In preparation for the carnival of 2011, it had part of his shed on fire, suffering damage with the fire. Due to this, the school resorted to LESGA to avoid relegation, which soon after was denied and the regulation was maintained. With Alegria receiving help from the city hall, however the school burst the time in its parade and was the last placed in the Group of access, returning to the group B,.

In the year of 2012 the school was reinforced bringing Eduardo Gonçalves as carnival designer and Mestre Esteves, like director of battery next to Claudinho Tuiuti. besides forming a cut of the battery, composed by: Andreza Oliveira and Larissa Reis, like queen and princess of the battery, both of the community that they joined the model Alessandra Mattos, like godmother of battery of the school, being second placed.

In 2013, it had as a plot, the Black Beads and just like in 2011, was again harmed by the fire in its shed, losing costumes and cars and finishing in 13th place.

In 2014, the second school to parade on Saturday night, spoke about the neighborhood of creation of the school (Copacabana), the carnivalists André Tabuquine and Eduardo Minucci, who would form a Commission with Sandro Gomes, who left the samba school and had as a consequence his final of samba-plot, on September 14, with four competitors.

For the carnival of 2015, the school will speak of the way of being from Rio, with the plot "Kari'Oka" of carnival Eduardo Minucci. President Marcus Almeida made some modifications in his team, promoting to carnival director, Mauricio Dias, that was of the commission of harmony. And the commission of harmony is now headed by Gilberto Moura, Carlos Jorge and Uiliam Esteves. He brought the new couple of Flag Bearer and Escort, Hugo César and Bárbara Falcão to school, and the experienced interpreter Alexandre D'Mendes took over the school's official microphone.

For the carnival of 2016, the carnival Eduardo Minucci, the interpreter Alexandre D'Mendes and the choreographer Renata Monnier are dismissed from the school, the new contractors are Marco Antonio, Tiganá and Jardel Augusto Lemos for the respective positions. The plot will be about Ogum.

In 2016, the school made a beautiful parade, marked mainly by the samba-tangle. In the calculation, it obtains its better placement since it ascended the Series A of the carnival, a 10th position

For 2017, the carnival Marco Antônio, was maintained. The plot announced was a tribute to sambista Beth Carvalho. In the parade the school suffered some problems in evolution, which made the Alegria fall to 13th place, the front only of the Union de Parque Curicica, demoted to Series B.

In 2018, the association took to the avenue the plot on the Revolt of the Malês and Luiza Mahin. Making a superior parade in plastic and technical terms, he obtained his best place, an 8th place, being ahead of schools like Renascer de Jacarepaguá, Santa Cruz and Rocinha.

For the 2022 parade, the school will present the plot "Saravá, Umbanda!" who will exalt the Afro religion through the words of an Old Black sage, aiming to make a great spread of charity, love and faith.