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Terms and Conditions of Sales

Purchasing any item from us,, hereinafter, you are accepting and are bound by the following Terms and Conditions of Sales which serve as a contract between and you (the client).

Registration on the website

Accounts (personal pages) at have to be opened with the full name as printed in the passport that the owner intends to use for identification. All items are owned, registered and held under the name recorded with us at the opening of the account. We confirm purchases to and under this name. Once the account opened, the name associated with the account cannot be changed. Only the owner is eligible to receive his/her items at the time specified, upon identification with his/her passport bearing the same name. 

If you are a travel agency, in order to purchase for different clients, you must sign up for an account under the name of the agency and make one purchase per client. In each purchase, you must inform the name and number of passport of the person who is going to pick the items up on our hospitality desk or receive the delivery.


You can book tickets for most Rio Carnival events, most hotels in Rio de Janeiro, different tours in and around the city, shuttle service to the Sambodromo and costumes. You can buy any combination of our products at any time, subject to availability at the time of booking. 

We keep purchases made at different times under different order numbers. 
Buying directly from us, we will be responsible for all your orders and purchases and act as your first point of contact for all your queries and questions.


Our prices are subject to change without prior notice. Product prices fluctuate according to several reasons including but not limited to exchange rates, seasonal promotions etc. Administration fee of 10% will be added in your cart.
Although you can see our prices in the currency of your preference, you will be paying to us, as a Brazilian legal entity, in Brazilian currency. Clients accept the final bill shown in Reais (BRL) on the last page of purchase and any refund is applicable in Reais on the basis of the final Brazilian Real value paid.

Payment Procedures and Methods

The buying procedure will be as following:

Only registered clients will be able to make the purchase. It is essential that all the information requested is answered correctly in order to finalize the purchase.
The payment is made by credit card: the procedure is made under a secure environment (SSL / HTTPS). The credit card data is sent to the card administration company. does not have access or store any information regarding the buyer nor the credit card.
At the end of the transaction, the client accepts this Terms and Conditions. is not responsible for occasional no authorization of payment or errors during the purchase on the credit card administration website. does not have the information regarding the reason of the cancellation.

Cancellations and Refund Policy

We reserve the right to cancel any item registered under a name which does not contain at least one first and one last name of the client.
In that case, we refund the amount payed, minus the administration fee.

We reserve the right to cancel any item due to unforeseen reasons. In this unlikely event, we guarantee a full refund for all cancelled items which will be processed to the same credit card used for the purchase.

Once having cancelled the purchase, the client will be informed by email and the information will appear on the clients personal page. The cancelation email nullify all the previous confirmation emails.

If the cancellation is requested by the client by email, he/she will be entitled for a refund, payed in Brazilian Reais to the same credit card used for the purchased as follows:

Until 10th of November 80% of the amount
Until 10th of December 50% of the amount
Until 10th of January 30% of the amount
After 10th of January N/A

No refund will be applicable:
1. In case of no show or no use of any service.
2. For costumes
3. For hotel bookings

Communications & Instructions

We provide customer services in Portuguese and English. Requests and instructions given in any other language might not be taken into consideration.  Instructions have to be given by e-mail from the same address registered with us registered account, with the Order Number in the subject of the e-mail. Attachments are disregarded, except for communications regarding authorization forms, copies of documents or when expressly requested by us.

Service Packs

a. How to receive your items

The client can pick up the items from our Hospitality Desk during our opening hours. The client will be able to choose the day and time on the personal page on website.

Note that the only person that has the right to pick the items up at the specified time is the person who made the purchase, through identification with photo (passport). The exception is given by power of attorney expressly authorizing the person to remove the items. The attorney must follow the template available on the following link: 

The client must request the third party pick up by email, sending the template filled and signed, informing the full name of the person who is going to withdraw the items with the number of the passport. The photocopies of these documents will have to be presented at our hospitality desk.

b. Delivery

We deliver (with the exception of costumes) to any address within the boundary of the City of Rio de Janeiro, including cruise ships. The fee applies only once per account and address, no matter how many orders you have, considering same delivery address for all orders. For different delivery addresses, additional fees applies.

The client will inform the day and the address for the delivery, according to availability, on the personal page, up to 15 days before the chosen date. The hour of the delivery is approximate and can vary about 30 minutes or so due to the heavy traffic during carnival.

In case of lack of the date and/or address information on the deadline above, the delivery will be cancelled and the client will have to pick the items up at our hospitality desk.

In case of:
1. Address not within the boundary of the city of Rio de Janeiro;
2. Incorrect address;
3. Change of the address without written information;
4. Client or authorized third party not available;
5. No presentation of the documents requested;
6. Incompatibility of signatures; and/or
7. Refusal of signing the receipt.

The clients will be able to pay for another delivery or pick the items from our hospitality desk.

At the moment of the delivery, the client will have to present the confirmation page or email and a copy of the passport. If it is an authorized third party, he/she will have to present the same documents above, plus a photocopy of his passport.

We deserve the right to deny deliveries in addresses considered to be unsafe or by any other reasons. In that case, if the address for delivery is informed/filled before the above mentioned date, we will provide a full refund of the delivery fee and the items will be available for withdrawal at our Hospitality Desk.


Buying a Rio Carnival costume from us confers the right to participate in the Samba Parade in the costume's wing with a specific samba school. If that costume's school comes among the top six in the competition, the customer can parade again on Champions' Saturday, in the school's same wing.

After the purchase of costumes, the measurements must be provided on the personal page until January 1st. After this date, the client will have to accept the available sizes.

Buying a costume does not give the right to watch other parades in the Sambodromo.

Costumes that are not withdraw on our hospitality desk by 6pm of the day of the parade will not be refunded and will be disregarded.

Sambodromo Shuttle

Clients with shuttle transfer service receive a timetable with the departure times and routes, from the pick up points to the Sambodromo and the way back.  The choice, according to availability, must be informed on the personal page until January 10th.

If the client does not appear on the schedule hour and route, he/she will be allocated on the next shuttle, according to availability

Only people with valid tickets bought in advance are allowed to board the buses. 

The return shuttles will start at the end of the parade of the third school and leave the sambadrome when the vehicle is at a maximum capacity.

Tours, Accommodations, balls and Transportation

On the sambodromo transfer, tours and hotel bookings, functions as a middleman between the clients and the suppliers. Therefore, is not responsible for any problems, loss or damage due to force majeure such as: strikes, disorder, quarantines, wars; nature phenomenon, modifications and delays of any kind.

Hotels Reservations

The refund and alteration policy of the hotels for the Carnival period does not behold any kind of refund, including cases of no show.


The client is entirely responsible for legal and sanitary arrangements for entering Brazil. In case of not filling the customs exigency, the client will not be eligible for a refund.